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Content Management: WIPS Components

WIPS is a completely modular system that can be customized to your particular needs.  Each WIPS installation includes a set of core functionality available to all websites and can also include optional modules to further enhance the software installations.  The following is a brief overview of the core and optional WIPS components.

Core Features and Components

Secured Administration Access
Access to WIPS is controlled by a username and password login.  Users with access can be easily added and removed via the WIPS administration interface.  Each user can be given different levels of access to provide finely grained control over content editing and site administration.

Customized Templates
Each WIPS installation includes a customized set of templates, or page styles, for use in constructing the website.  These can include press releases, product pages, listing pages, and simple content pages.  Every template is designed by WebMotif to suit the needs of each individual client.

Dynamic Content
A WIPS controlled website is dynamic; it can automatically change based on various criteria.  For example, a homepage could contain random links or links to the most popular products or pages.  The entire site can change to reflect the introduction of new content.  

Custom Image and Table Layouts
Each WIPS installation also includes 8 custom image layouts and 8 custom table layouts to easily construct attractive and complex pages on the site.  These are designed to fit the look and purpose of your website.

Versatile Document Control
WIPS includes a document approval system that provides a procedure for inspecting, editing and approving changes before they become live on the site.  For time-sensitive content, pages can be set to be released and expired automatically by date and time.  

Basic Media Uploading
The core WIPS system includes the ability to upload and link to any kind of file.  This includes PDF and Word documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides, and more.  

Search Engine
All site content is indexed and made available to the intelligent heuristic search engine used in WIPS.  It uses simple search terms to rapidly find the most relevant content from anywhere on the website.  

We understand that pictures are an important part of any website.  With ImageOnce™, a single photograph can be uploaded for a product or page and reused and resized automatically by WIPS for use in other pages on the site.  Eye-catching listing pages or featured item sections can be generated automatically.

Pages are referenced by hyperlinks; these are shown to the user in the address bar the browser and also often used in email and in print to refer to portions of the website.  Many websites contain extremely long hyperlinks with lots of punctuation.  However, WIPS includes technology designed to keep hyperlinks short, simple, and an editable part of every page.

Basic User Management
A login and/or signup can be optionally provided to visitors of your website.  Users can be managed in WIPS, assigned to groups, and given access to content unavailable to regular visitors.  

Optional Components

The e-commerce module includes all the features to turn your website into an Internet store-front.  It includes the shopping cart, order and shipping management, and basic payment handling.  All the elements of this module are customized for the website and the particular e-commerce needs of the client.

Bulk Mailings
WIPS includes built in management of bulk mailing lists.  This can be integrated into the e-commerce module allowing visitors to signup for newsletters or other mailings as part of the ordering process.

Enhanced User Management
The enhanced user management module builds onto the basic management provided as part of the core system, but is customized by WebMotif to address more sophisticated needs of the client.  This can include the integration into existing systems and advanced reporting.

Comments and Ratings
This module allows users to comment on and rate your content.  The comments act like a mini bulletin board attached directly to the page either inline or as a popup window.  The ratings can be used to adjust the placement of page; higher rated content can become featured or displayed more often.  The look and feel of this module is customized to match the website.

The forums is a full-featured bulletin board that can be integrated into the website.  It is customized to fit seamlessly into the rest of the website.  It includes all the standard features provided by other forum software but is even easier to manage and maintain.

This module is used to manage all the various forms of advertising shown on the website.  Banner ads, in-line content ads, and text-ads are managed from this module. It ensures fair rotation of the ads and includes full reporting on ad impressions and click-throughs.

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