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Announcing a Major Upgrade to the World's Most Read Coffee Resource, CoffeeGeek

WebMotif Press Release: November 10, 2003

The world's most read coffee and espresso resource gets a major overhaul, a new look, a new feel, and a newly expanded focus to include information and opinions for the coffee industry as well as the coffee loving consumer.

VANCOUVER, BC - November 10, 2003. WebMotif Net Services, Inc., announces the release of Version 2.0 of the world's most read coffee and espresso resource, is an information and opinions media website ( and interactive community that specializes in offering timely information, opinions, consumer and professional reviews, exchange of opinions and information, and educational tools to coffee and espresso lovers worldwide. With the Version 2.0 release, the entire resource and community has been overhauled, improved, and expanded to provide a range of new services and information in an easier to use format.

"We rebuilt the website from the ground up," says Mark Prince, the Senior Editor of "Our website serves over 4,500 pages of information to some 150,000 average monthly visitors. In the previous version, our visitors sometimes found it frustrating to find the information they wanted. We've changed all of that with a large increase in usability and how we present information on the website. We've also strengthened and expanded our community resources on the website, making it easier for visitors to interact and connect with each other."

The website maintains a vibrant and active community forums section, and hosts close to 2,000 consumer product reviews for almost anything coffee or espresso related. This repository of information has been completely redesigned and restructured to make finding reviews easier, and to make finding the best-written reviews a one click affair.

The Professional Reviews on the website are some of the most comprehensive product reviews found anywhere, for any specialized category. With the Version 2.0 launch of CoffeeGeek, a new professional review category, the QuickShot™ review has been added, allowing the review of products not normally suited for the exhaustive and complete CoffeeGeek Detailed Reviews.

CoffeeGeek is expanding its content offerings, with a new focus on providing news, information and opinions for the professional coffee industry. The original version of CoffeeGeek focused on the coffee loving consumer; Version 2 continues that focus, but brings coffee and espresso professionals and industry members into the fold with new Opinions columns specifically geared to professionals. The website also offers new professional services including a free press release listing service and a daily news roundup.

"Approximately 25% of our visitors are coffee and espresso professionals in the industry," says Mark Prince, Senior Editor. "The previous version didn't address this audience very much, except to show what the consumer was saying and thinking. With Version 2 of CoffeeGeek, this will change. We will provide both a voice and a place for information for the coffee professional."

Within a few weeks, will start hosting the Internet Resources Directory, a free yellow pages type service for the coffee industry.

"For the first two years of the website, CoffeeGeek was all about the consumer," says Jeanette Chan, the News Editor for the website. "Version 2 provides a wealth of new services for people in the coffee industry. A searchable resource directory does not currently exist online; we'll provide that."

CoffeeGeek is a consumer and professional information, opinions, and reviews media source for coffee consumers, and the coffee and espresso industry, with over 4,500 pages of information available. CoffeeGeek reaches an estimated 148,450 monthly visitors (average number from a six month sample), who view approximately 1.75 million pages in a month, making the website the most read coffee resource online or in print. The website has been online since December 19, 2001.

About WebMotif Net Services, Inc.
Webmotif Net Services Inc., is an incorporated web and software development company located in Vancouver, British Columbia.  WebMotif specializes in customized content management solutions for the web, design and photography services, as well as software development services for the Symbian operating system platform. WebMotif is the owner of internet properties including, the world's most read coffee and espresso resource.

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