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WebMotif Launches New Corporate Website, New Services and Subsidiary Announced

WebMotif Press Release: June 30, 2003

WebMotif Net Services Inc., one of Vancouver, BC's leading web development specialists, announces the launch of a new corporate website, new services, and a new subsidiary company.

VANCOUVER, BC - June 30, 2003. WebMotif Net Services Inc., announces today the launch of an updated corporate website that will take the company in the next few years of service for their clients and our marketplace.

"Because we're a web development company, we have to stay at the forefront of design and information when it comes to our own corporate website," says Mark Prince, WebMotif's Creative Director. "Our previous website was rich in advanced technologies including DHTML and flash, but we felt as a company we needed to refocus on providing web solutions that work for all web users, not just those with the most advanced technology. We've regained that focus, and our new website highlights that."

The website is controlled by the company's content management system, called WIPS (Web Integrated Publishing System), which is one of the most advanced of its kind.

New services announced

WebMotif is also announcing new services integrated into their content management system with the launch of the new corporate website. They include a broader range of community features, including a completely customized forums and discussion board system, a full service ecommerce solution that can tie into a company's localized database and integrate with shipping software, product tracking, and automated email services for customer notifications.

"Our current version of WIPS (Web Integrated Publishing System, a content management software solution) is truly state of the art," says Wayne Venables, WebMotif's Programs and Implementations Director. "We provide the broadest range of community features found in any content management system, giving our clients the ability to provide a very real one on one experience for their own customers. In addition, our unique and customized ecommerce module offers complete integration with any software package or database system used in inventory control and package shipping. It's a huge time saver for our clients, and saves a lot of labour costs."

New subsidiary announced

WebMotif is pleased to announce the pre-launch of a new company, Codaris Mobile Technology Solutions. Codaris has been set up to design software applications for mobile products, including smart phones, portable digital assistant devices (PDAs), and other mobile technologies. The company is currently developing three software applications for the Sony Ericsson P800 smartphone based on the Symbian operating system, and will officially launch the company in July, 2003, once the applications are ready for market.

About WebMotif Net Services Inc.

WebMotif Net Services Inc. is an incorporated company in the province of British Columbia, specializing in a wide variety of new media services and products, including web design, web development, database integration, content management systems, print and advertising design and software development for mobile devices. Founded in 1994 as WriteDesign Ltd, the company has been developing technologies for the Internet since 1995.

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