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Wednesday, 29, 2020 - 10:13am Vancouver Time
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News & Info: The Future of Content Management

What you see to the right is a new venture by our company. These are screen shots from our early alpha of MobileWIPS™, software designed to manage and maintain a website from anywhere, at any time.

Our Web Integrated Publishing System (WIPS) is a product that has matured now into a refined and uber-featured product that not only lets you manage and maintain a website's content, but includes highly advanced features to let you add complex tables, unique image layouts (including thumbnails, descriptions), and does some nifty thinks like ImageOnce™ a method that allows you to upload one image to your website, and the software, through bicubic formulas, resizes the image for usage elsewhere on the site as smaller side images or even thumbnails. No simple IMG tag manipulation here; WIPS actually resizes the images, saves them as jpg files, and stores them on your server, all while keeping the original around for future use.

As a company, we're happy with the maturity level of WIPS and what is capable of doing, and now we want it to do even more. That is why MobileWIPS was conceived and is now under development.

MobileWIPS is a module subset of the parent WIPS application; in other words, it installs into our standard WIPS package as a value added product. Once installed, it does two primary things.

The first is it will push dynamic content automatically to specially formatted pages for mobile channels, including AvantGo, Pocket Internet Explorer, and there are even WAP 1.2 templates for cell phone content. As you change the content on your website, the mobile channels are automatically updated.

That in itself is pretty cool, but companies out there already do this. What makes our solution different is that, unlike other companies that force you to manually create the specific mobile content ours will automatically parse your fancy desktop content of extraneous formatting, complex tables, huge images etc, and resize (or eliminate) elements for 160x160, 240x320 or even 60 pixel wide screens. We are even working on a HTML 3.2 native parser to ensure your code is Pocket IE 3.2 compliant for any Pocket PC2002 designated channels. No effort from you required.

But the really cool stuff, the really important stuff for us is the back side MobileWIPS. the stuff that lets you edit, manage, maintain and even create content for your website through a Pocket PC, through a Palm Pilot, and even under limiting circumstances, through WAP enabled cell phones. Imagine the ability to write new content for your website from a big convention floor, like a press release or product announcement? Or how about the ability to add a new product line, straight from your Pocket PC, including all pricing, all information, and even the product images? How would you like to create new user accounts for secure document and content distribution, right from your car as you leave a client's meeting? With the new MobileWIPS all this and more is possible.

Our goal is to give MobileWIPS about 75% of the functionality that our desktop version offers. The Pocket PC version is the first to roll out, but we're also developing a software application for the Palm Pilot to do the same.

Some things are just too complex for a PocketPC screen, such as intense table layouts, thumbnail/full size image pages, and the like. But through your Pocket PC, you will be able to manage site user accounts, create new user access on the fly, moderate your community forums, upload word documents, pdf files, images and the like through the browse your PPC functionality, and of course, almost all the content on your website will be editable, all via a uniquely designed interface that runs on Pocket Internet Explorer.

The resulting web pages look and act just like any other web pages on your site, because they conform to our predesigned templates that are built into your WIPS application.

As you can see from the attached screenshots, this application is highly customizable and scalable, and is actually coded for each specific client who buys it. It can manage the relatively simple needs of an information site like or it can handle most of the content and imagery showing up on a site like including video uploading! It is also designed specifically for the PPC's limited screen real estate.

This product will be targeted at the corporate market level - this isn't consumer software, though down the road, we may do a self-contained, more generic version for consumer use (we have similar plans for our desktop version), and as a module add on to WIPS, it can cost as low as $1,500, and as much (forecast maximum) as $6,500 to install into our base WIPS system.

And what makes this really cool? I wrote this entire page on my PocketPC while sitting at Calhoun's Cafe in Vancouver's West Side!

Next bulletin, I promise to have further developments about this exciting new venture we’ve taken on.

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