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Sunday, 24, 2021 - 4:00am Vancouver Time
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WebMotif Clients: Client Testimonials

With our own website about our company and our products and services, you'd expect us to beat our chest about the work we do, and in many parts of this site, that's exactly what you'll find. But this is our favourite part of the WebMotif Net Services website - our clients speak on how they found our services and products.

Dan Hughes,, WebMotif Client

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"We were struggling with the usability of our Yahoo™ controlled website for electronic commerce. We wanted to do so many things with the website, but it just wasn't possible. Plus, our design was very outdated, something we built four years before." says Hughes. "We approached WebMotif with a shopping list of services we wanted, and one by one they found solutions for them. The result is a website that does absolutely everything we want it to."

"What I liked most about working with WebMotif is they presented additional solutions and ways to do things with our web site that I never even thought of. Because of their work and their content management system, we have a highly automated website that requires little user intervention by my staff to maintain and keep fresh."

"The best part? It has to be the fact that I can now edit the site on my own, without the help of a (third party) web developer. This has already saved us a substantial amount of money, and now I feel like I'm in complete control of our website. Because our web sites are our entire business, it means I no longer rely on anyone else to make my business as successful as it can be."

Dan Hughes is one of the Internet's leading web retailers of coffee and espresso equipment. He runs a company with just under a dozen employees out of Medford, Oregon.

Carla Johnston, Electric Mail Company, WebMotif Client

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The Electric Mail Company is one of WebMotif's oldest continuous clients. They've been a client since 1997 and we've gone through three revisions of their website, and continue to supply them with consulting services, a content management system and updated designs when required.

"Working with WebMotif's team of designers and programmers was a real joy. Almost everything we asked for was done, and some things we never dreamed of being able to do were suggested and implemented by WebMotif. They've saved our company a lot of money, a lot of frustration, and a lot of extra work", says Carla Johnston, Marketing Director, The Electric Mail Company.

Kyra Kennedy, Baratza LLC, Importers of Solis Products, WebMotif Client

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Baratza LLC is the exclusive American importer of the Solis line of espresso machines, office coffee machines and grinders. When their company started up, they hired WebMotif to develop their entire web presence, and to help create their corporate ID back in 1998.

"When we were just starting our company and had no real idea about what was possible with a website, WebMotif Net Services took the time and care to walk us through all the possibilities, and delivered us a very economical but professional package that is our 'face' to the world." says Kyra Kennedy, Partner, Baratza LLC.

Baratza is based out of Bellevue, Washington, and has been in operation since 1998.

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